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Bob Wolfman: "Transition"         By George W. Harris
Hey, anytime a guitarist has a session produced by Larry Coryell, you’ve got to pay attention. What’s more, Coryell plays alongside Bob Wolfman ~ the singer/vocalist/songwriter, as well as gets some heavy hitters to join in, such as Victor Bailey/b, Ferdi Argenti/p and Kenwood Dennard/dr. The songs themselves are a mix and match, from the pop-world-religious piece of “Listen” to the soul of “ Guess Who I Saw Today,” the urban blues of “Born Under a Bad Sign” and rounding out the mood with some impressive jazz material like “Trees” and the title track. Impressive fret work is in abundance here, and pickers will have a good time with the 2 axes flying around.

Media Alert: Bob Wolfman "Transition" (Bob Wolfman Music) Bob Wolfman ~ Guitar/Vocals, Larry Coryell ~ Guitar, Kenwood Dennard ~Drums/Percussion, Victor Bailey ~ Bass, Ferdinando Argenti ~Piano


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Women of the world take notice. this album by Bob Wolfman, produced by Larry Coryell, is entitled "Transition". before you turn this on, make sure you can turn yourself loose. the writing is hot; the music--fast flings all the way through--is even hotter with Wolfman's guitar and vocal taking the lead.

  john shelton ivany 

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Bob Wolfman CD release "Transition"


BOB WOLFMAN – TRANSITION                 BY: OSCAR BROOKS | LA Jazz Examiner Subscribe



The hustle and bustle of this season is all but over. Many of us are relaxing and probably listening to music. The gift of music is great not only at Christmas time but all year long. I received a wonderful gift of music, Bob Wolfman - Transition. It is his latest release. The CD includes 9 tracks that keep you hooked on this music. Veteran guitarist Larry Coryellproduced the album and plays on a couple of songs: Transition and Penultimate. Wolfman provides his vocal talent and outstanding guitar work on this project. The other players on the CD include: Kenwood Dennard on drums/percussion, Victor Bailey on bass and Ferdinando Argenti on piano.

Bob Wolfman began playing guitar at age 11. He is well versed in Blues, Rock and Jazz. He has performed with Chick Corea, Ahmad Jamal, Joe Beck, Mike 'Turk' Richards and many more. If you like guitar, you will definitely like this album. Some of the standout songs on this CD are: Listen, Guess Who I Saw, Born Under a Bad Sign, Seeds and Transition. This is one that you will want in your jazz collection. It is one of those albums that it feels like you are hearing at a live concert. I really enjoyed listening to this CD. As a matter of fact, I will be listening to it again and again. You can follow Bob Wolfman on his website;

Review: Bob Wolfman - Transition
Available from CD Baby.  A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music 
by by Mark S. Tucker
Bob Wolfman has a solid rep as a session guitarist, having been featured on hundreds of recordings by such notables as Chick Corea, Larry Coryell, Grover Washington, and a wealth of others. His name is so firm that Coryell, a towering giant in jazz-fusion guitar, produced Bob's latest CD and plays on it along with three other well known fusion figures: the redoubtable bassist Victor Bailey, pianist Ferdinando Argenti, and drummer Kennwood Dennard. Part of Larry's mission, though, was to bring Wolfman's singing to the front of the stage and that brought a wholly unexpected wrinkle to the table, as the guitarist's voice ranges from a Sinatra-esque nightclub tone (Guess Who I Saw Today) to a soul falsetto that would not be at all out of place on a Lonnie Liston Smith, a Phillip Bailey, or a Narada Michael Walden LP, even, should you remember this obscure but very cool 70s fusion ensemble, gliding into one of Nova's old slabs.
On the title track, Wolfman lays down a long scorching lead solo highly reminiscent of Jeff Beck combining old Beck-Ola days with the hard rockin' Beck, Bogert, and Appice group.  Liner writer Murali Coryell notes, it's sometimes difficult to tell who's playing what where, as in Seeds, with its incandescent solo. Is it Wolfman or Coryell? Both are equally capable, and a liner notation would've helped a lot.
Regardless, I'll listen to anything with Coryell on it, the guy's just a monster of the six string, and this is indeed a fusion CD, one that bears a lot of affinities with the materials of the 70s, cutting a tunefully fine line between jazz and rock as well as soul, blues, and that one American Songbook cut. Transition should find a lot of favor among Baby Boomers who remember just what a stew of diversity the old days embraced…as well as what a strange studio atmosphere could oft be transcribed.
Edited by: David N. Pyles


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Review: Bob Wolfman - Transition


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A mixed bag of super CDs

Don Albert


      Jazzaholic by Don Albert: A real mixed bag from World Music to bebop, the blues, rock and Latin.


Guitarist/singer Bob Wolfman certainly has chops otherwise he wouldn’t have performed/recorded with Chick Corea and Joe Beck amongst others including Larry Coryell, who produced this album titled ’Transition’ which allows Wolfman to display his blues cum rock chops. He’s also a nice singer. The band comprises Larry Coryell guitar, Kenwood Dennard drums, Victor Bailey bass and Ferdi Argenti piano. All in all a pop, rock, jazz combination of material which will be much appreciated by those who see him live.